LEGACY - New Year Update JAN 2023

LEGACY - New Year Update JAN 2023

Happy 2023 Everyone! 

The LEGACY saber is going well! In our last blog post we told you that the prototype unit had shown up but had some issues that still needed to be smoothed out. This was mostly to do with the "core" or "electronics chassis". 


The requested revisions seem to have been finalized and a new updated "core" is being sent out! It will most likely take a couple weeks before I receive it but once I do, I can manually QA test everything. Assuming it's as good as the pictures and videos have shown me, I'll be green lighting the rest of production. 


Currently I'm anticipating to receive the sabers sometime in February (BUT, This of course is not set in stone.) I still need to personally review the core once I get it and I have to always make room for all the possible what if's in manufacturing. 

Once the sabers have shipped out, and I get them in hand, That's when I can QA test each saber personally and have a more concrete ETA for you all. And of course I'll provide that as soon as possible. Quality is the goal here. 

Repulse Collectibles is all about Quality! Quality sabers and quality customer service! If the custom sabers we produce need more time in the oven, then that's what we'll do! We want you to have a fantastic experience and we want to show that your trust in our brand is respected and appreciated. 

That's all we have for you today! I will continue to update everyone on the Legacy saber as soon as we have more info! 

Thanks again so much for your interest and patients as we work through this amazing project! We can't wait for you to get your hands on this saber! 



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