The 2nd prototype is here! And it looks awesome! But... unfortunately we're not quite there yet. There are issues that still remain. One not so bad and the other will require more production time.
Issue #1 - The soundboard is currently sitting backwards making it hard to access the sd card. Should be an easy fix at the factory.
Issue #2 - There is a noticeable "wiggle" on the blade holder.
Long story short, The factory needs to go in and adjust the size of the fitting on the blade holder. The tolerance is too loose, therefore even when the screws are tightened, there's still a noticeable wobble. This would be immediately noticeable in your hands and you'd think it was broken or want to send it back. For those reasons, we need to fix it.
We unfortunately didn't catch this sooner. I didn't even notice it until I put a blade in for myself. Could this have been caught earlier? Maybe, but at least it was caught before it goes out to customers! Again, I've said many times, I will QA these myself to the best of my ability before I make them for sale to the public 🙂 I stand by that promise!
As far as a new ETA, I was targeting early March had today's tests went well, but since we have adjustments to make, I'm not sure yet how fast things can get done. I will have to provide an update on that as soon as I get word.
Thanks for keeping interest in the project! Once I have a solid ETA on when the stock will be in, I'll provide pricing & availability.
Hope you all have a great rest of your week! MTFBWY!
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