"PROTOTYPE IS HERE" - BUT! Needs some work!

The prototype has been delivered and as is with most prototypes at this stage, there are still some kinks to be worked out. Specifically relating to the chassis. The factory has their "To Do List" on the issues that need attention and are already in progress. 


ETA is expected to be sometime in January at this point given the needed changes. I don't have any solid dates but will update accordingly.

PRICING: Once the saber/run is fully passed its Quality Assurance and is "Consumer Ready" I will do an announcement on Pricing and Availability. 

What's the next update and when can we expect it?

The factory has their to do list, as such I should be getting progress reports over the next few weeks, though, holidays are right around the corner, Not just here in the U.S. but overseas as well. There is expected to be periods of downtime over the next couple months so I'm not sure if I'll have another update for a while. Though of course, I will share relevant info as soon as it breaks! 

Thanks for keeping your interest in this project! Hope you all have wonderful and safe Holidays!!



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