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Project Enceladus

Project Enceladus

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Optimized for CFX, PROFFIE & Golden Harvest v3

"In the year 2599, Earth is at war! A shadow organization known as "The Syndicate" unleashed its bioengineered monsters to wreak havoc on the planet. The United Earth Defense Headquarters stationed at New Novacity, the central hub for cutting edge technology, unleashed Tarsus Fury, a towering mechanized behemoth sent to neutralize the monster threat. Despite best efforts, Tarsus Fury was captured by The Syndicate and harvested for its top secret power core. Desperate, New Novacity initiates protocol Enceladus: a classified black ops project creating the first human synthetic. It has one mission: to infiltrate the ranks of The Syndicate and recover Tarsus Fury's power core..."

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