We are unable to ship to the UK right now due to recent changes in their import laws. (Digital Files/Soundfonts are unaffected) Thanks for your understanding.



Custom Darkwolf Sabers has an incredible collection of fully installed sabers with a quality and price point that are unbeatable!! You can also find some of LINK's soundfonts in their sabers! Check them out!!


Check out Bendu's Exclusive Default Sound Package made by LINK!!!

Saber Mach

Saber Mach is a custom saber company out of Singapore. They build some of the toughest most duelable sabers in the hobby! You can also find a handful of LINK's custom smoothswing fonts when you purchase from them! Check them out!

Kessel Custom Sabers is an awesome sabersmith in our community! He also partnered with LINK for an exclusive soundfont called " The Great Purge " Check them out!

Starfall is one of the best and most unique saber smiths in the hobby! He also features 3 Unique Soundfonts from LINK that you can only get at Starfall. Go check them out!!

If you need Powder Coating & Etching on a Saber, Pete is one of the best in the hobby!!! Check it out!!!


The Rebel Armory Forums has been a home of mine for the last Decade! Sign up and join our amazing Star Wars Family!! Absolutely the best Star Wars Forum on the Internet! - LINK


Solo's Hold is an American Saber Company and has been a staple in the community for years! They provide some of the best machining services around! Check out their works!


Wildspace Outpost is a Saber Electronics Installer and Smith. Be sure to drop by for any of your saber needs!

Moon's Custom Armory is a Canadian Based saber installer! Aside from his excellent work, he is a great source for all our Canadian hobbyists!!!! Check them out!!

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