Q: Are your fonts "Smooth Swing" ready?

A: YES!! All soundfonts at Repulse are Smooth Swing fonts (Unless otherwise specified)


Q: What Soundboards do your fonts support?soundboards?

A: Currently soundfonts on Repulse support:

XenoPixel v2 from LGT

CFX (polyphonic mode only - no support for legacy unless otherwise specified)


Golden Harvest v3

Diatium 3 from Electrum Sabers - NOTE: My fonts will work on this board but are not specifically "made" for it. Troubleshooting will be on the end user. 

(Currently do not support: Verso, NEC/Igniter/Spark, Ultrasabers Soundboard, Asteria Soundboard, Warsabers Neo Core Soundboards.) 


Q: Do you accept Refunds?

A: We DO NOT accept Refunds on any digital items. We will however address any issues with the merchandise on a case by case basis.  


Q: Do your soundfonts support older soundboards?

A: Unfortunately no. Anything previous to CFX, ie.. CF9 and before, Are not supported. (unless otherwise specified)


Q: Do you accept returns on merchandise?

A: If there are any issues with the merchandise, it will be handled on a case by case basis. Be sure to email us at repulsecollectibles@gmail.com with all applicable information and pictures. 


Q: Will you accept custom commissions?

A: From time to time!!!  If you are interested in a commission for a custom font, email me at repulsecollectibles@gmail.com


Q: What kind of merch will you have available?

A: T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Beenies... Stuff like that :) 


Q: What service do you use for your merch? Do you keep personal inventory?

A: We use a print on demand service. This means not only do I personally not have to worry about inventory, it also means that you the customer wont have to worry about your order being fulfilled and shipped on time! Every order is handled through the print on demand company. You'll get an email with every purchase as well as tracking info just like you would at any other online retailer! For digital downloads (fonts), you'll get an email with an instant download code. This system makes things automated and simple. Using this system should also avoid any issues with posting these services on the Forums :)   


Q: Do you have XS & 2XL-5XL Sizes?

A: Yes!! Most of our Tees and hoodies offer larger and petite sizes! (no special sizes are guaranteed) 




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