About Us

Welcome to Repulse Collectibles, where passion for custom sabers meets innovation in sound design. I’m LINK, a dedicated soundfont maker deeply rooted in the saber community. For years, I’ve crafted unique sound experiences, and now, Repulse Collectibles is my vision brought to life.

Our Mission

At Repulse Collectibles, we’re committed to elevating the saber experience. From exclusive custom hilt designs to unparalleled Premium Smooth Swing soundfonts, our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch sci-fi immersion.

Our Story

With a decade-long journey in the saber community, I’ve crafted renowned soundfonts like Ventress & Transform, earning immense positivity from fellow enthusiasts. Partnering with Saberfont, I’ve honed my craft, always striving to offer truly custom sound experiences.

Our Blog

Join us on our blog for insights into saber technology, sound design, and the latest in the saberland community. Discover tips, stories, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into our creations.

Ready to explore a galaxy of custom sabers and immersive sound? Reach out our ‘Contact Us‘ and be part of our journey.