How to Play What Do You Meme Family Edition

How to Play What Do You Meme Family Edition

What Do You Meme Family Edition is an enjoyable party game designed for families to compete to come up with the funniest memes. This fast-paced and easy to play game can accommodate up to 20 players at one time!

This family version of the original game removes any R-rated content to make it suitable for families, and includes 300 caption cards and 65 photo cards.


Now family-friendly, the #1 best-selling game Meme Queen or King can be played with all ages! Take part in this fun competition to be crowned Meme Queen or King by matching caption cards with photo cards to create hilarious meme combinations and become crowned as Meme Queen or King!

The game features both large deck of photo cards and smaller caption cards; players draw seven caption cards from both sets as their initial hand, before an active player flips over one of the photo cards and all other players choose an amusing or clever caption from their hand that fits within family-safe parameters. Both sets of caption cards are playing card size/thickness while photo cards may be larger but still family friendly.

After each photo card submission is read aloud by a judge, who then chooses their favorite and declares their winner for that round. They take home their photo card trophy as prize while any used caption cards go into a discard pile.

Gameplay in Caption It! is simple. Each round, one player assumes the role of judge and selects an image to caption; other players submit caption cards relevant to this image before being judged by their colleague – who then selects their favorite caption card as judge! Eventually, one of these players wins several rounds, becoming the champion!


What Do You Meme has been an internet phenomenon and family game night is now even funnier with this family friendly version! Remove off-color humor that wasn’t suitable for children and replace it with kid-friendly photos and caption cards instead. In each round a rotating judge selects which combination of Caption Cards and Photo Cards provided is most suitable – compete to become meme queen/king while having plenty of laughs with friends and family!

Setup for this game is straightforward and fast: all players draw seven Caption cards as part of their opening hand at the beginning. Remaining Photo cards are placed on an easel and one player acts as judge for that round; that judge selects a Photo card from the easel and reads aloud its caption before selecting another Photo card from his/her easel for reading aloud – other players then select caption cards from their hand that they believe best fits each picture or that would prove most popular/amusing to match or that picture and reads aloud – before selectinging winner and giving out that Photo card to them!

The cards feel high-quality and have an appropriate thickness, with caption cards measuring roughly the size of playing cards and featuring humorous yet family-appropriate sayings (be prepared for fart and poop jokes!). Photo cards feature familiar pictures from internet memes; though their easel may get damaged through repeated use. Nonetheless, these products should still suffice in fulfilling their task at hand.


What Do You Meme is an easy and family-friendly party game where players create memes using funny caption cards. Each player draws seven caption cards from a hand to start their hand off before one player flips over a Photo Card for other players to submit captions for submission to a judge, who then chooses their favorite and awards it to the person with the winning Caption Card.

The game of Pictionary is played over several rounds and winners of each round are determined by a rotating judge. While players can view their caption cards privately, other players must remain unaware. A great tip when selecting captions: try selecting ones that will appeal to the judge’s sense of humor!

If you enjoy memes, this game should be part of your library. With fast-paced action that will have both players laughing out loud, this fast-paced board game is great for parties, family game nights and holidays – you could become the Meme Queen/King by competing against friends (or family if brave!) to create the funniest meme combinations! Although somewhat expensive for its value proposition; made from high quality cardboard with laminated photos.

Final Words

This family game is ideal for creating laughs and memorable experiences with loved ones. Participants will compete to meme the best picture each round by matching caption cards to photo cards – with a rotating judge deciding the winner! Each set comes with 300 caption and 65 photo cards as well as an easel and reusable storage box – ideal for parties or family game nights! Experience all of the original What Do You Meme fun while making memories together; available in both family-friendly version as well as expansion pack versions (PG-rated content suitable for ages 8+)! From makers of Party Bowl & Doubles products!

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