How to Use a Lite Brite

How to Use a Lite Brite

Lite Brite is an iconic toy, offering children an easy way to create pictures using glowing pegs. The screen is covered with holes that correspond with each color peg available and is backed with paper with designs marked by letters that indicate which ones they should use.

There are six template sheets and four different light modes for children to select from, enabling them to follow patterns or create their own! They can follow one of six predetermined templates or come up with their own patterns!

Easy to use

Lite Brite, an iconic toy from previous generations, is back. It consists of a battery-operated light box featuring colored plastic pegs that fit into holes for creating colorful light-up art designs. Children can either follow templates provided or use their creativity and use their imagination to come up with unique creations using this toy that requires 3 AA batteries to function.

Instead of the old Lite Brite which featured stickers to assist in placing its colorful pegs, this new version comes equipped with printed guides on its base which are easier to read, while plugging and unplugging pegs is made easier, making this version more user friendly for younger children.

The Lite Brite comes equipped with six templates designed to engage both boys and girls, but additional can be purchased or downloaded online. It comes equipped with a plastic stand to make standing it upright easier when finished creating, with pegs being easily removable using just a pull of the tab. In addition, four distinct light shows (blinking, pulsing, steady and random) can also be cycled through automatically when turned on or off by simply pushing one button on its base.

This engaging, educational, and creative toy will engage both young and old alike. Easy to use, its primary benefit lies in helping children learn about colors used in art as well as acting as a nightlight; parents looking for unique ways to help their child express themselves creatively will appreciate its versatility!

Easy to clean

Lite Brite is an educational toy that uses small colored pegs that snap into an illuminated panel to form illuminated pictures. Children can either follow pre-printed templates or freely create pictures using the black base of their Lite Brite unit. There are various templates available, ranging from traditional rainbow-colored ones to more modern designs. If you love Stranger Things, why not purchase their special edition with nostalgic and retro imagery from seasons 1-4 of the show. The packaging for the Lite Brite is 100% recyclable, consisting of a cardboard sleeve with instructions and plastic bag with resealable mini pegs. Reusable plastic bags may be reused to store additional templates and mini pegs as needed; 3xAA batteries are required for the toy to operate properly.

Easy to store

Lite-Brite is an engaging toy for kids that allows them to create light-up pictures using its plastic board and array of colored pegs. Children can follow predetermined designs provided by the manufacturer or use their creativity and create original works of art with it. Furthermore, this toy serves as an invaluable opportunity for teaching color names, hand-eye coordination and grip strength – not forgetting its educational benefits!

The Lite Brite Stranger Things Special Edition is perfect for fans of the TV show, providing them with templates and pegs featuring images from each season of Stranger Things. Additionally, this version comes equipped with various light modes allowing your pictures to glow or flash before staying steady; whilst its Classic model comes equipped with larger pegs making insertion and removal easier for young children and can even be stored away easily saving space!

The Lite Brite Mini is smaller and easier to transport, making it great for trips and day trips. It includes a 3.5” screen with 6 design templates and 70 colourful mini pegs; though limited, it remains fun for children of any age! For use, a Phillips-style screwdriver is required to access its battery compartment as well as three AAA batteries (not included).

Easy to transport

The Lite Brite is an iconic toy that will bring great delight to kids of all ages. This timeless toy helps children develop cognitive skills by following designs and patterns provided in its set, as well as encouraging creativity. Additionally, this classic toy improves hand-eye coordination, grip strength and sensory integration – essential skills that all kids require for development and happiness!

Lite Brite toys have long been beloved classics among children for more than fifty years and continue to bring joy today. At its core is a light box with grid holding colored pegs which fit into holes when turned on – an irresistibly fun toy which remains beloved today!

Lite Brite provides special editions that have various themes, such as the Stranger Things edition. This edition features different settings and color palette than its original. Other special editions are Touch and Oval HD models.

The Lite Brite is easy to transport and store, with light-up pegs powered by battery that are battery operated – eliminating any need for AC outlets! These reusable pegs can also be cleaned easily using damp cloth wiping – returning their vibrant hues immediately! Its use also serves as a great teaching aid in teaching children about color as they see their pegs glow with different hues when placed into holes on its board.


The world of Lite Brite is a canvas of light and color, inviting imagination and creativity to take center stage. As you’ve explored the process of bringing designs to life on this illuminated board, it’s clear that the possibilities are as boundless as your creativity. With its simple yet captivating process—inserting pegs, creating patterns, and igniting them with light—Lite Brite offers an enchanting way to craft glowing artworks. Whether following templates or forging your own path, each creation becomes a radiant expression of your imagination. So, embrace the vibrancy, embrace the glow, and let your creativity shine through the mesmerizing world of Lite Brite.

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