What Do You Meme Game Cards

What Do You Meme Game Cards

Get into the meme game with this adult party card game that brings internet memes into real life. Players compete to craft humorous memes by pairing caption cards with photo cards in each round, with winners chosen by rotating judges.

Includes 435 cards, an easel, and bonus rules for optimal play. Recommended for ages 17+ due to adult content and language.

What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme is an engaging party game designed for social media-savvy players. Players compete to craft the best memes by matching caption cards with images displayed on an easel until a judge selects those pairings that result in hilarious memes; then, the person responsible wins that round.

This game can accommodate up to 20 players at once. Each player draws seven Caption cards; one player serves as a judge during the first round while all other players submit their Caption cards sequentially; this first round ends when one judge selects and sets an Image card on an easel, and all others offer Caption cards consecutively until all are done, with the judge selecting which pair best with that image on display.

What Do You Meme? was founded by Elliot Tebele and co-founders Ben Kaplan and Elie Ballas as a multimillion-dollar gaming enterprise. Their games and toys bring internet-style humor into your living room and can be purchased worldwide.

Meme Matcher is the original #1 bestseller and the ultimate party game for meme lovers. Compete against friends (or family, if they dare!) to match photo cards and caption cards into hilarious meme combinations for maximum laughter! Designed for people 17 and older due to content concerns, this game makes an excellent addition to parties, game nights, holiday events, or reunions!

Adult Party Card Game

This adult party card game, the #1 bestseller that started it all, offers you and your friends (or even family if you dare!) an interactive card-playing experience as you compete to match photo cards with caption cards to create meme-worthy meme combos! Complete with 450 Caption Cards and 75 Photo Cards; best suited for players aged 17+ due to mature language/references.

Put down TikToks and Instagram feeds and laugh offline about internet jokes with this funny card game that serves as “an antidote to our constant text message-based distractions.” Featuring prompts that allow for humorous, silly, or emotional group dialogue sessions, this engaging card game helps foster connections in new ways while temporarily disconnecting from digital devices.

This game boasts over 45,000 positive reviews! One player begins the round by placing a black card such as: “Dares to prank dudes or an ex” or “Has the hottest dad.” Subsequent players respond with white cards that are funny or appropriate (but not offensive) to create an atmosphere of laughter.

This card game is a hit at parties, game nights, holiday gatherings, and reunions – it’s easy to learn, an effective ice breaker, and a great way to build connections among strangers or close acquaintances alike. The rules are straightforward, and its hilarious content promises plenty of laughter throughout the night! Just be ready for some serious blushing.

Family Edition

Take your gaming to a whole new level with custom photo and caption cards! Put your social media skills to use by pairing each Caption Card with its matching Photo Card every round; an independent judge selects the most entertaining combination; the person with the funniest Caption Card wins! And there you have it – from custom photo and caption cards to meme competitions! Lather, rinse, and repeat until one meme rises above all others in hilariousness!

Better than ever, this upgraded edition of the #1 bestseller comes equipped with all your favorites from its predecessor and over a billion new cards at an unbeatably affordable price point. Boasting sleek black packaging with iridescent lettering for maximum impactful play or making for an impressive present to someone special in your life.

Meme Party Game (MPG) is the ultimate party game for meme fans and any group looking for some good laughs. Compete against friends (or family if you dare!) by matching Photo Cards and Caption Cards into the funniest meme combinations; recommended age 18+ due to mature language/references.

UK Edition

There are some minor differences between the US and UK editions of this game, primarily concerning foiling aspects/amount and color splashes behind titles on covers. The US edition features more foiling on more parts than its smaller UK counterpart, and on its Copyright page, the Butterfly and Of are different placements on both editions.

Make memes come alive with this Bigger Better Edition of the #1 Bestselling OG Core Game. Featuring all your favorite cards from the original as well as over 100 brand-new ones to create even more hilarious meme combinations. Compete with friends or family (or both!) to see who can make the funniest meme combinations and see who can come out ahead!


The allure of What Do You Meme game cards lies in their ability to create laughter-filled moments and foster social connections. These cleverly crafted cards, paired with witty captions or phrases, catalyze hilarity, encouraging players to unleash their humor and creativity. As each round unfolds, the game transcends beyond just matching images and captions; it becomes a canvas for spontaneous wit and comedic genius.

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