What is LEGO Dimensions Story Pack?

What is LEGO Dimensions Story Pack?

The LEGO Dimensions system continues to develop and is moving away from Fun Packs and Level Packs of its first year and towards more substantial Story Packs that follow a movie plotline.

The Batman Movie Story Pack features a gateway build inspired by the Chinese restaurant used as their base in the film, opening up a wider world area while introducing Batgirl and Robin into it as well.

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

Last year, Lego Dimensions made waves within the toy-to-life genre with its novel and engaging play experience. Traveller’s Tales video game blends physical LEGO toys with an expansive digital gameplay world for an unparalleled toy-to-life experience that allows players to interact with characters from Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics franchises for action-adventures that can be experienced on PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 or Wii U consoles. In addition to an expensive $60 starter pack option available exclusively through Traveller’s Tales, Tales also provides expansion packs called Team, Fun Packs, or Story Packs for more elaborate customization opportunities.

Each expansion pack in Dimensions offers new characters, vehicles, and Portal Gates, as well as various puzzles and challenges to face – like moving your Toy Tag in a certain order or using Portals to break free from traps. One of the great aspects of Dimensions is that every new character you add adds unique abilities that enrich the experience further.

With the Fantastic Beasts story pack, you can play through a full movie in the Dimensions multiverse as Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein from the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Use spells such as Diffindo, Reparo, and Lumos to interact with creatures such as Nifflers, Swooping Evils, Bowtruckles, and more! Plus, you can customize your toy pad using the MACUSA gateway build and unlock Adventure World and Battle Arena!


LEGO Dimensions was an overwhelming hit among fans of to-Life video games when it debuted last year, as it bridged the physical and virtual worlds like no other toy-to-Life video game had before it. Plus, unlike many franchises that require annual sequels for survival, this one appears here to stay and can continue pushing forward the Toys to Life genre in innovative and engaging ways. Now LEGO Dimensions’ sixth wave proves just that point!

This year’s first expansion is the Ghostbusters Story Pack. Players can experience all six scenes from the 2016 film in LEGO form with this expansion pack that includes a Chinese restaurant-inspired portal gate and Ecto 1 cruiser as their headquarters, as well as unlocking Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy), who boasts her special ability within six levels of playthrough.

Erin brings her unique strength of being able to destroy silver Lego blocks to the team, with Jillian being great with gadgets and Patty having a superpower. These levels follow the plot fairly closely but condensed due to how light-hearted the movie itself was.

Batman Movie

The Batman Movie Story Pack for Lego Dimensions marks its third expansion. These story packs are expansions for the game that add new levels and characters while following the plot of their respective movie/TV show source material – unlike Level Packs, which add one level, Story Packs bring in entire films as their source material, adding their spin to each.

This Story Pack introduces Robin into the game. While initially not contributing much to the gameplay, Robin does possess unique abilities that set him apart – one is able to use ventilation ducts as an avenue of escape! Furthermore, Robin can change into Nightwing mode quite frequently during this Story Pack and this feature.

Assemble Batman and Robin to defend Gotham City! Join forces against Joker and his villains across six new levels of superhero fun. Build the Bat-Computer gateway for your Toy Pad to send this crime-fighting duo into Lego Dimensions Multiverse. Utilize their distinctive abilities – such as Batman’s stealth attacks, glide attacks, and Batarang attacks while Robin offers acrobatic skills such as fixing things and diving capabilities!

Overall, the Batman Movie Story Pack is an enjoyable addition to the Lego Dimensions game. While its gameplay remains exciting and incorporating physical toys into virtual environments is unique, sometimes it can feel unsatisfying at times compared to some packs, such as Portal 2 Level Pack, which contain more content and engaging quests; others, like this Lego Batman Movie pack, appear lacking content altogether.

The Avengers

With Lego Dimensions’ second installment launching this week, plenty is going on within its universe. From licensed movie, TV, and video game characters to an oddly cohesive visual style that manages to bring these brands together seamlessly, there is much for players to experience and explore in this year-two release of this toys-to-life franchise mash-up game.

One of the more exciting additions is The Avengers Story Pack. Set during Marvel’s 2016 reboot, players are brought into Abby Yates’ world as she joins forces with Spider-Man, Gandalf, Wyldstyle, and Batman to protect Earth and save it from impending doom.

As well as welcoming in new heroes, the pack also includes a Niffler: an adorable rodent-like magical creature with an appetite for mischief that can be controlled via one of their vehicles or tossed about by players. Although its lack of detail compares poorly with that seen in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, its presence still adds something unique and enjoyable to gameplay.

One could easily dismiss WB Games and Lego’s partnership as just another attempt to sell more plastic figures, but doing so would do an injustice to the game itself. Packed full of great voice actors like Troy Baker, Elizabeth Banks, Peter Capaldi, and Christopher Lloyd, as well as archive footage, which gives this new entry its unique flavor, this video game truly stands out.


In wrapping up the exploration of LEGO Dimensions Story Packs, it’s evident that they offer an immersive and captivating experience for LEGO enthusiasts. These packs not only provide additional gameplay but also extend the LEGO universe with unique narratives, characters, and adventures. With their blend of physical LEGO builds and interactive digital content, Story Packs brings beloved franchises to life innovatively and engagingly. 

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