What is Next Happy Meal Toy?

What is Next Happy Meal Toy?

McDonald’s recently unveiled a new adult Happy Meal featuring revamped McNugget buddies called Kerwin Frost Boxes that feature customizable outfits for six adorable squishes. This success led them to introduce this adult Happy Meal that features six individual Kerwin Frosts as part of its Happy Meals menus across various global markets.

Every toy will come equipped with its music playlist curated by Universal Music Group that can be accessed by scanning the QR code on each toy. Fans can collect these toys until January 2024.


McDonald’s will bring their Squishmallows stuffed animals back to American shores after an extremely successful global roll-out, beginning Dec 26 and while supplies last. They’ll join Happy Meal offerings.

These adorable plushies made their debut in 2017 and quickly became a favorite among children and collectors, selling over 100 million units since. Due to their increasing popularity, some rare characters can sell for hundreds of dollars on sites like Mercari.

Kellytoy has taken steps to address resale concerns by adding more non-binary characters while finding respectful ways of representing the community. In addition to Bobby the Bunny, Sam the Dog and Stanley the Panda have joined their lineup – making for perfect couch companions, travel buddies, or tea party partners! However, these 16-inch creatures are already in high demand.

Cactus Plant Flea Market

As is widely understood, not all McDonald’s toys are the same. Fortunately, the golden arches have finally begun shunning plastic toy bin fillers in favor of cuddlier collectibles – this time with Erewhon Grocery of Los Angeles and Cactus Plant Flea Market (CPFM) joining forces.

Cynthia Lu established CPFM in 2015 and quickly became known for its unique visual language that marries asymmetrical typography with puff-print graphics. Since then, the brand has amassed quite a following, most notably securing collaborations with Nike and Travis Scott and being worn by rappers like NIGO. Their biannual Japan Made collection, their eighth release to date, features an orange color with tiger stripes as well as other typical signature features of their design – available online or in select Erewhon stores. YUM!

Kerwin Frost Box

McDonald’s will bring back adult Happy Meals starting Dec 11 with the Kerwin Frost Box, featuring artsy packaging and special ’80s toys designed by DJ/entertainer Kerwin Frost – including 10-piece Chicken McNuggets or Big Mac, fries, soft drink, and one of six new McNugget Buddy collectibles inspired by DJ Kerwin Frost himself!

Frost, who hails from Harlem, used childhood memories as his inspiration when creating modern versions of classic figurines that first made their debut in 1988. Each McNugget Buddy character (Kerwin Frost, Don Bernice, Uptown Moe, Waffutu, BRICK, and Darla) features customizable outfits so users can create personalized looks for themselves.

McDonald’s restaurants will have limited-edition boxes of toys until supplies run out; alternatively, an ice cream cone could make for an exciting treat (don’t tell the kids!).

Disney 100 Toys

McDonald’s Rewards members won’t get toys with their Happy Meal; that’s because the chain is transitioning away from plastic toys in favor of collectible cards, although, frankly, their new stuff stinks.

McDonald’s will mark Disney’s 100th anniversary with limited-edition toys that children will race to collect this year. Happy Meal boxes featuring these toys will feature either a hamburger or cheeseburger, chicken McNuggets, apple slices, and kids-sized drinks, in addition to two Disney collectible figures inside each one!

This collection includes Hercules, EVE, Wall-E, Lady and Tramp, Moana, Cruella DeVille, and many others – as well as being sold in 12-packs for approximately $20 and some individual Disney100 figures available individually for around $2 each. They’re scheduled to remain available until supplies run out – which should happen around December 4 or earlier if open online; participating McDonald’s restaurants or online. You’ll even earn one free Happy Meal every time 6,000 points ($60 spent) are made through McDonald’s Rewards program!


As we anticipate the future of Happy Meal toys, one thing remains certain: the joy and excitement these toys bring to children worldwide. While the specific toy in the next Happy Meal remains a mystery, the brand’s commitment to creativity, fun, and innovation ensures that whatever comes next will capture the imagination and delight of young hearts. With each new release, McDonald’s continues to weave magic into these tiny treasures, fostering moments of happiness and playfulness for children of all ages. 

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