What is the Current McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy?

What is the Current McDonald's Happy Meal Toy?

McDonald’s customers around the world can collect Squishmallow toys in Happy Meals from McDonald’s restaurants around the globe. Each Happy Meal box contains one main meal (such as a hamburger, cheeseburger, small fries, Go-Gurt tube or salad in certain markets), one toy and a drink.

Some Squishmallows feature QR codes which connect to music playlists that reflect each character’s individuality, creating a passionate fan base across TikTok and Reddit that often shares hundreds-strong collections online.


Squishmallow soft toys have been an instantaneous hit since their launch in 2017. Beloved by both celebs and kids alike, collectors often pay hundreds of dollars on them at sites like Mercari. You too can join in this Squishmallow frenzy by ordering one Happy Meal (complete with one!) plus snack.

This toy comes in various colors and sizes, ranging from a tiny 3.5-inch marshmallow to an immense 24-inch squidgy pineapple. Each toy comes with an individual tag describing their personality and history – for instance, Floyd the French fry is an adventurous adventurer who likes sailing and climbing mountains; Cam the Cat enjoys hanging out at the beach with Hoot and Wendy as friends.

Squishmallows features several non-binary characters. Bobby the Bunny debuted last year as its inaugural non-binary character; it is a tie dye bunny who uses they/them pronouns. Since then, Squishmallows has continued expanding their line-up while finding ways to accurately represent LGBTQ+ identities in its roster of characters.

Squishmallow toys are available at both McDonald’s stores and online from their brand website, making them great gifts for yourself or children in your life. Remember, however, that collectibles only stay available for a limited time, so don’t delay ordering your Happy Meal!

Collecting Card Games

McDonald’s has reinstated Happy Meal toys of old with an interactive game for children’s meals: collect card-shaped characters. Based on popular character Squishmallows, these limited time toys will be distributed across America starting Dec 26 for a limited period. Fans will find Cam and Fifi among others such as Grimace from McDonaldland as well as one mystery character among them; interactive features of each toy include QR codes that enable fans to listen to a music playlist related to each character’s individual personality.

McDonald’s is bringing back another old favorite with a special McNugget Buddy collection designed in collaboration with Kerwin Frost. Available only in the U.S. for a limited time, each box will include a modern remix of classic McNugget Buddies toys from the 1980s and ’90s; as well as 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, fries, soft drink, and the toy in its box.

Fast food chain McDonald’s recently unveiled a special adult Happy Meal featuring one of six versions of its iconic McNugget Buddy toy, along with various combinations. You can order this meal online as well, enabling customers to access different McNugget Buddy variants with mixed and matched outfits.


McDonald’s no longer includes plastic toys in its Happy Meals; instead they have switched to puzzles instead – paper pieces with puzzles on them such as crosswords, word searches or Sudoku that can also be known as puzzle sheets or booklets.

These puzzles provide a wonderful way to unwind before bed and can even improve your quality of restful slumber. Additionally, they help build visual and spatial reasoning skills and release dopamine (a neurotransmitter responsible for mood regulation and memory regulation).

This new line-up includes classic Squishmallow characters such as Cam and Fifi, along with everyone’s beloved purple best friend Grimace. Each toy also includes its own playlist from Universal Music Group!

The three most popular types of puzzles are jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles and 3D puzzles; all can be as easy or challenging as desired. Jigsaws may present one of the toughest challenges; taking hours and patience to finish one! Word puzzles tend to be less time consuming – from just one word up to full stories; they also test vocabulary skills!

McNugget Buddies

Anyone who grew up during the golden age of Happy Meal toys (Halloween pails, Beanie Babies and collectable McDonald’s robots) cannot help but feel nostalgic when seeing those plastic characters again. While times may have changed since those early collectibles first hit stores shelves, it’s nice knowing you may still get your hands on one every now and then.

Fast-food chain McDonald’s has come up with a move sure to impress adult Happy Meal fans: working with Harlem-based creative director, fashion designer, DJ and self-described street style icon Kerwin Frost to redesign the classic McNugget Buddies toys specifically tailored for adults. Their new Kerwin Frost Box contains your choice of Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets along with fries and soft drink — as well as collectible McNugget Buddy figures wearing unique outfits inspired by Frost’s childhood experiences as well as his belief that everyone should be allowed to express themselves freely.

McDonald’s will release five new figures featuring Don Bernice, Uptown Moe, Waffutu, BRRRICK and Darla beginning December 11th and offering them as standalone items starting December 18th as part of a limited-edition set of gold McNugget Buddies available online and select stores, such as their museum in Los Angeles. For more information visit their website.


As the curtain falls on our quest to unveil the current McDonald’s Happy Meal toy, one undeniable truth prevails: the magic of these tiny treasures continues to captivate children around the world. While the specific toy offered at this moment remains a delightful mystery, the Happy Meal tradition perseveres, bringing joy and wonder to kids with each new addition to its collection. Whether featuring beloved characters, fostering creativity, or sparking imagination, these toys have a timeless charm that transcends eras and brings smiles to countless young faces. So, while the identity of the current Happy Meal toy may be a mystery waiting to be unwrapped, one thing remains certain—it holds the promise of delight and excitement for all those lucky enough to receive it.

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